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Neck Massage
Hands On Care to Support Your Body

Bodywork is a powerful modality that can be experienced either actively and passively to relieve built up tension in the tissues. We offer a variety of options to best meet your needs. Regardless of the type of service you receive, we believe that gentle, intentional touch is the foundation for all release. Our therapists have extensive knowledge in anatomy, postural alignment, and movement dysfunction to assess your needs and treat you effectively. In addition, they are well-versed in the mind-body connection, somatic holding/release, and trauma sensitive care. Our goal is to create an environment for your body to feel safe to unwind and let go. 

Therapeutic Massage

30 Min $65  |  60 Min $125  |  90 Min $175

This service is for the client who is looking to unwind and release any built up tension from the daily demands of life. The client surrenders fully and receives bodywork to help restore tissue pliability. Modalities may include Swedish technique, fascia release, and passive stretching. 

Upgrades Include: CBD oil ($30), Hot Stones ($25), Weighted Blanket ($5), Aromatherapy ($5)

At this time, our website does not allow upgrades to be added when booking online. Please reach out to let us know if you'd like an upgrade so we can come prepared!

Sports Massage

15 Min $35  |  30 Min $65  |  60 Min $125

This service is for the client who is looking to optimize performance by releasing tension before an event or by promoting tissue health in recovery. Client participation varies as some sessions may require the client to provide physical feedback. Modalities may include fascial release, percussion, passive stretching, and muscle energy techniques.

This service can be paired with a Therapeutic Massage for dual-purpose treatment!

Emotional Release Massage

60 Min $150

This service is for the client who is knows that the source of their tension goes beyond physical activity. This service requires the client to be an active  participant. Client and therapist explore together to uncover areas of tension, potential emotional sources, and embodied release techniques such as breathing or sounding. Bodywork modalities may include fascial release, percussion, and prolonged holds. Client experience varies - this session is best paired with Embodiment Coaching to ensure that the client is equipped with the appropriate nervous system regulation tools. 

Oil Massage
If you have any questions feel free to contact us or book a Free 15 Min Discovery Call

In addition...

If you were looking for Prenatal or Postpartum Massage (yes, we still offer it!!), head over to our sister site The Pelvic Empowerment Movement. We have moved all of our pelvic wellness offerings there and are very excited to serve you through this new streamlined platform. 


Explore the site here or head directly to booking here!

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