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Young Businesswomen
Personalized Support to Help You Expand

We offer coaching because we believe that the deepest, most sustainable change happens when you feel fully seen, held, and supported. Coaches provides a safe space for you to explore what's real for you, receive real time feedback, and integrate tools to help you create the reality you desire. Our coaches are sensitive to the unique needs of each individual and allow each session to be client led. Coaches serve as mirrors to your experience - reflecting back your experience so that you can witness yourself clearly and recognize the wisdom that you already hold. The highest priority of a coaching session is to help you self-source safety, clarity, and confidence so that you may connect to your highest level of truth and authenticity.

Guided Practice

60 Min $100

This service is for the client who is looking to receive support without receiving any direct coaching. In this session you will set and intention and your coach will guide you through an experience to help you deepen your practice. This experience may include guided breathwork, meditation, manifestation practices, or a combination of all 3!

Lifestyle Optimization

60 Min $125

This service is for the client who is new to coaching or is looking to set general wellness goals and create a plan to bring them to life! In this session you have the opportunity to express freely, create a vision, receive insight, and be held accountable to your vision. 

Emotional Embodiment

60 Min $150

This service is for the client who is ready to begin the inner work and curiously explore their depths. In this session you will explore body awareness, emotional literacy, and nervous system regulation tools. You will learn how to tune into and describe different sensations as well as learn a variety of different techniques to help you speak your truth, set boundaries, release limiting beliefs, and and hold space to love all parts of yourself.

Supportive Friend
If you have any questions feel free to contact us or book a Free 15 Min Discovery Call

In addition...

If you were looking for Pelvic Empowerment Coaching (yes, we still offer it!!), head over to our sister site The Pelvic Empowerment Movement. We have moved all of our pelvic wellness offerings there and are very excited to serve you through this new streamlined platform. 


Explore the site here or head directly to booking here!

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