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You are the ultimate creator of your reality.

We are a client-centered wellness brand offering bodywork, movement, and coaching for when your journey is asking you to reconnect with your body, get back in touch with your highest self, and reclaim your most authentic expression. 


More than just a massage.

A variety of hands on services to leave you feeling nourished and optimized.


For outer AND inner healing.

Build strength and improve performance or express freely to release stagnation.


Go in deep, alchemize, expand.

Highly invested guidance

and support for your unique growth and evolution.  

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It's not about being the biggest at the gym or most flexible in yoga class. It's about being intimately connected with the way your body moves and how that movement feels. Sensation, mobility, and functional strength are our top priorities in this category. Because it is only when your can feel your body, that you can actually tune in and listen to your body.


We are not your counselors or your psychiatrists. But we are super passionate about your inner safety and emotional regulation skills. Our goal is to help you get comfortable witnessing your truth, offering yourself compassion, and communicating your desires/needs/boundaries (and then watch as your life begins to transform because THAT'S when you start living your best life!!).


Do you know when your energy is leaking? Around here, we talk about energy in both the practical and esoteric ways. That means we talk about energy "coins" and filling versus draining your tank as well as energetic blocks, conscious embodiment, and chakra balance. Intentional energetic expression keeps you connected to Source. Without this piece, holistic wellness is incomplete. 

This type of holistic healing is rebellious.

In a culture that often encourages you to outsource your power to pharmaceuticals and fads, do you dare to learn the unique language of your body?


We are here to empower you with a variety of tools so you can *lovingly* walk away from the BS narratives of over-consumption and hustle culture and never look back.

Some themes we're passionate about:

learning your body's yes and no, shifting with the seasons, connecting with the land, building aligned communities, reparenting your inner child, embracing pleasure, dissolving rigid constructs, honoring your desires, protecting your energy ...and so much more!

Summer in Nature

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Evidenced Based Thinking

We strive to stay up to date on the latest research, data, and trends in order to inform our decision making. 

Education First

Education = Empowerment. We are passionate about sharing everything we know with our clients so you actually know what's going on. 

Progressive Overload

We craft unique, individualized plans for each client and include a logical progression for sustainable growth.

Ancestral Inspiration

We are intentional about learning from as many lineages as possible while giving credit and maintaining reverence. 

Intuition Led Care

Our practitioners are free-thinkers who embody everything they teach. They listen carefully to the client and their own bodies when crafting a session/experience.

Freedom to Flow

We embrace the unknown and always leave room to flow and shift effortlessly. Your full humanness is allowed here!

We believe in you.
And we believe in the power of your body.

No matter what's service you choose, our top priority is helping you connect you back to yourself. 

We are not your healers. We simply create an atmosphere where your body has an opportunity to heal.

Your willingness, participation, and devotion does the rest.  

Because it's almost never about the diagnosis. It's about coming to learn, love, and listen to your body, so that you feel empowered to honor it.

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We Don't Do Cookie Cutter

We want to create a culture where it is not only normal, but celebrated, to bring the fullness of your expression. 

You are human. You are complex. The expanse of your experience is endless.


We settle for nothing less when it comes to the way we serve you. The sessions we offer are dynamic and ever-evolving to meet you where you are at in the moment. If our work is calling out to you: come, let yourself be seen and held by people who get it. 

Learn more about the variety of ways our services can support you below. 

Body Massage


Therapeutic: relaxation focused, rejuvenates the body, prenatal available, heated table, spa upgrades (CBD, hot stone, etc)

Athletic: performance focused; energizes the body; includes stretching, range of motion, and tension release

Emotional Release: inner-experience focused, re-centers the body, helps unwind somatic tension, increases mind-body awareness



Biomechanics: performance focused, 

improves strength, mobility, and endurance; functionally based, goal-oriented

Emotional Release: sensation focused, allows for unfiltered expression, guided or intuitive, explores movement as a means to access deeper inner healing and connection to self

On a Video Call


General Wellness: optimize lifestyle habits, set goals, deepen self awareness and body literacy, learn introductory self healing tools

Guided Practice: surrender into receiving, explore breathwork, meditation, and manifestation with support


Emotional Embodiment: be seen in your truth, feel all the layers, navigate any blocks, and embody your highest reality 

To us,
All Space Is Sacred.

With willingness and intention, transformation can happen anywhere. 

We are a mobile and virtual practice - which means that all sessions are performed either in person at the client's home/event space or virtually via video chat.


We travel up to 55 minutes across Southern New Jersey to treat clients in home or for events. Virtually, we work with clients in the United States and across the world.

Although non-conventional, this approach cultivates broader accessibility, deeper safety, and higher levels of carryover among our clients!

Exercising at Home

What About Insurance?

Although we offer a variety of wellness services, we do not accept insurance - but for good reason!


Often times, insurance companies try to dictate the type of care a client receives. The type of services we provide are often not recognized by insurance companies as necessary forms of healthcare. We wholeheartedly disagree and are dedicated to giving you what would feel best for you, not what a (non-medically informed) insurance company thinks you need. Upon request, we can however, provide all the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for review and potential reimbursement!

Enjoying Sunset

You're healthiest, most authentic self is closer than you think.

Interested in Working With Us?

Leave your details below, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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