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Julian specializes in lifestyle optimization because he believes that growth is ongoing and ever evolving. He is passionate about partnering with the individual to optimize perspectives and  approaches in order to experience life in its full richness and depth.




This service is an excellent resource for anyone looking to take their movement and performance to the next level! In this service, Julian offers feedback, guidance, and support for movement and/or sports optimization.


While he primarily works with athletes, Julian also offers general movement optimization to anyone who desires to move more fluidly & functionally. He believes that healthy movement is one of the pillars to living a rich and long life.


Julian enjoys bringing a deeper sense of connection to you and your body so you can bring balance to the movements you want to perform. 


Coaching is an excellent resource for those looking to deepen their awareness and connection to self. Julian provides Lifestyle Optimization Coaching as well as Embodiment Coaching.


In his coaching sessions, Julian passes on tools and knowledge that have helped him fully embody his divine masculine. This journey can help you access your highest self and most authentic expression by processing and releasing the limiting beliefs, traumas, constructs, and fears that hold you back. 

In his Transition to Vegan Coaching, Julian offers support around social difficulty, environmental impact, and health optimization. He believes that the most effective way to become vegan and stay vegan is to allow yourself a slow and gradual transition. Julian created this program as a full step by step guide on how to transform your perspectives and make a safe and healthy shift.


Julian offers individual sessions as well as a 12-week transformational program for those looking to invest in their personal growth and expansion. If working closely though coaching is something you are interested in, Julian would love to walk by your side.



Julian provides private education sessions for individuals and/or groups of any size.


Julian is passionate about educating on the importance of movement and inner alignment. Some common programs include, but are not limited to:

Office Workplace Event: Ergonomics, Posture, and Productivity

Labor Workplace Event: Heavy Lifting Made Easy

Gym Event: Foundational Movement Patterns and Why They Matter

Programs can be customized, so feel free to reach out with your specific need or idea!

Interested in learning more about the services we offer? Get in touch today!


Massage Therapy provides clients with an opportunity to passively release tension held in the body. All sessions performed in home on a heated table. 

Julian’s approach emphasizes listening to the body. He aims to leave every client feeling optimally aligned and ready to perform. He believes that the best healing takes place when both client and practitioner are fully invested in the session.


Julian offers soft tissue mobilization, passive stretching of the joints and surrounding tissues, fascial release techniques and sports recovery & optimization.

60 and 90 minute treatment options available.

Upgrades include:

Aromatherapy, hot stone, CBD, and cupping. 

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