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Individual Services

Emotional Support 

Introductory Coaching Session (60 minutes) | $100

Intro sessions are designed for you to establish a baseline of body awareness, emotional literacy, and nervous system regulation tools. In this intro session we will uncover your innate wisdom and begin to reconnect you to your body. You will learn to tune in to different sensations, have the ability to label sensations, and learn a variety of different techniques that you can use to regulate your nervous system when you’re feeling anxious or depressed. All sessions are performed virtually via Zoom and are strictly confidential.

Advanced Coaching Session (90 minutes) | $200

Advanced sessions are for you once you have developed the ability to scan your body, identify where you are storing trauma or tension, and can name the associated emotion. The advanced session is an opportunity for you to dive into processing the stored tension or trauma somatically. In this space one can fully witness and/or release trauma and regulate the nervous system back to homeostasis. These sessions can be taxing on the body. Therefore you must be prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally for this type of session. All sessions are performed virtually via Zoom and are strictly confidential.

Expression Session (60 minutes) | $75

Expression sessions are for you when you need a place to express and release emotions and thoughts. In this session. Julian may ask curious questions, but you will not be receiving any coaching or feedback. It is a session for you to unravel the complexity in your own mind with the support and presence of another. All sessions are performed virtually via Zoom and are strictly confidential.

Energetic Support 

Breathwork or Guided Meditation Sessions (60 minutes) | $100

Breathwork or Guided Meditation sessions are powerful opportunities to calm the mind and body. Julian will guide you as you relax and receive. Slow down with the power of your breath and sink deeper into the experience of being instead of doing. Surrender control and release all expectations as you journey into the depths of the mind and body to access inner peace. All sessions are performed virtually via Zoom and are strictly confidential.

Manifestation Session (60 minutes) | $150

Manifestation sessions are for you when you are looking to set new goals or change trajectory in life. Harmonizing the powers of intention and emotion, you will dive deep to cast a vision for your future. You will gain the clarity necessary to launch yourself forward with bold, brave, actionable steps. In this guided experience, you will feel your dreams becoming a reality. All sessions are performed virtually via Zoom and are strictly confidential.

Physical Support 

Massage & Bodywork (60 or 90 minutes) | $125 / $175 

Massage & Bodywork sessions are customized to your specific body. In this hands-on session you will have the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate your body on a cellular level. Unwind your tension and reconnect to your pleasure as you receive this luxurious treatment. Bodywork can include any combination of deep tissue, fascial release, stretching, passive/active range of motion, and muscle energy techniques to help you get back to optimal performance. All treatments performed in-home on a heated table,with all equipment provided. Upgrades include any combination of CBD oil, hot stone, cupping, weighted blanket, and aromatherapy for an additional cost (please call to specify).

Biomechanics/Movement Sessions (60 minutes) | $150

Biomechanics/Movement sessions are designed to re-establish a symbiotic relationship between all the organs in the body. This will optimize posture, increase body awareness, bring fluidity to your movement patterns, and decode somatic holding patterns. In these sessions you can begin to locate where you may be storing trauma and how to use movement to release that trauma. Meet chronic fatigue and lethargy by energizing your body with specific movement that are designed to hydrate and excite your tissues. Sessions can be performed virtually via Zoom or in-person at the client's home.

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