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This Program Is For The Woman Who: 

⬗ Wants to sink deeper into the knowing that she is a wise, powerful being. 


⬗ Knows she deserves to know her body intuitively, love her body shamelessly, and listen to her body confidently. 


⬗ Wants to embody her most authentic self and her inner power in order to experience the fullness of pleasure in this life. 

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As women, we are abundantly dripping in power and the not-enough or too-much narrative has been used for centuries to keep us dim, diluted, and separate from out true essence. 

I created this program as a means to combine of all my "textbook" knowledge with years of personal experience to bring you a means to access the power you know you have inside you.

The secret?

Accessing that power requires you to know every part of you, so that you can learn to love yourself fully, and therefore, listen to every moment of wisdom your body is trying to communicate with you. Only from there can you embody the highest self you know you deserve.

This is the know, love, listen, embody methodology that I created and teach throughout this program. I WANT you to have access to this. I deeply want you to have access to this remembrance, because you deserve it!

This Program Is For You If:

You know you are deeply wise and connected to the wisdom of this Earth, but haven't been able to access it


⬗  You know you have old wounds & trauma you want to process but don't know how to start


⬗ You want to sink in to the knowing that you are safe, loved, and abundant regardless of life's circumstance


⬗ You want to access your authentic expression and show up as her fearlessly and shamelessly


⬗ You desire the tools to move through life's processes, relationships, and transitions with ease and flow


You desire the knowledge to identify what your body is asking for in a given moment and meet that need


⬗ You already know you are a powerful being and are looking to be held in your journey and expansion


I Am Calling You In


If the idea of immersing into this program brings a wave of warmth, pleasure, or excitement into your body - don't ignore it.

That is your inner wisdom. And she is pulling you for a reason.

And we will work together throughout this program so that you can hear her voice more clearly and you can follow through more confidently and consistently. 

If you know you want this expansion but fear, doubt, and the voices of "not right now, maybe someday" come up, stand in your power and allow yourself to lean into the voices of "I am worthy, I am allowed to embrace opportunities to expand."


This program is not for everyone and I will not waste anybody's times trying to convince them to work with me. If you are meant to work with me, you will know. Your body will tell you. Listen.


 I know there are women out there who will want and need this. I feel them. I feel you. I am here for you. 

If that woman is you, apply now, fearlessly and shamelessly. We will have the opportunity to connect and see if we are truly aligned. 


In case we haven't met yet, I'd love to introduce myself:

My Name is Dr. Liliana

and I Am Here To Walk

Alongside You

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Embodiment Coach, and Educator. 

I am passionate about working with women to help them see, uncover, and unleash their fullest expression. We have all been made to believe (at some point) that we are either not enough or too much. And that is simply not true.

Embarking on this journey together has the potential to be absolutely life changing. We will be exploring and navigating a variety of tools to empower you deeply know, love, and listen to your body. 

Together, We Journey Through:

The Physical Body

Human Anatomy, The Female System, The Nervous System, Reconnection to Cycle/Inner Seasons, Pleasure in the Body, Self Massage, Dance & Movement 


The Energetic Body

The Chakra System, Energetic Clearing, Womb Healing, Ancestral Healing


The Mental Body

Bias & Construct Identification, Logical Mind vs Inner Guidance


The Emotional Body

Emotional Embodiment, Inner Child Healing, Past Wounds, Limiting Beliefs, Inner Divine Masculine and Feminine, Somatic Trauma Release, Sacred Rage 


In This Program, You Will Receive:

50+ Hours of Tools and Topics

12 Weekly Content Modules

12 Immersive Experiences

6 1:1 Hour Coaching Calls

Daily Chat/Voice Support

Gift Box

If you are feeling a pull towards this program, know that you will be receiving so much more than the physical items listed above. Your sacred YES to yourself allows the doors of receptivity to be fully open and allows the magic of expansion to take up space inside you.


You will only receive that which you are ready to. So allow your YES to be an affirmation of that receptivity, expansion, and abundance!

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