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Birth & Postpartum

Support to Navigate the Transitions Holistically

Not many wellness brands opt to include birth and postpartum services, but we believe that this major life event deserves special care and attention. Your body was built to birth and the unfortunate stigmas and constructs of modern day society have raised us to believe that birth is painful and that birth outside of a hospital is dangerous. These beliefs perpetuate the idea that you can't trust your body. Our mission is to connect people back to their body and their power - and that includes birth and postpartum. Our care honors both the science and the spirit and our goal is to educate and empower people to have whatever birthing experience would feel most aligned, authentic, and fulfilling to them. 


Birth Prep Coaching

60 Min $125

This service is designed to educate and empower the client to create a birth plan that feels best for them. It includes opportunities to answer questions, navigate fears, and to acknowledge that even with the best planning, birth is inherently unpredictable. The goal is to create clarity and inner peace for optimal preparedness.

Birth Doula Support

Birthing Experience $2200

This service is for the client who desires holistic support throughout their labor and delivery. Your birth doula is equipped to advocate for your birth plan, provide gentle massage, positional support, emotional support, and/or tools & affirmations so that you can tune into your body and trust the birthing process with ease. Labor/delivery times can vary from 4-48+ hours - your doula is available to you during the entire process. 

Postpartum Doula Support

60 Min $125

This service is for the client who has birthed and would benefit from extra support to make the transition feel a bit lighter. We believe in the traditional 40 days of rest for the new mother. Your postpartum doula is equipped to provide emotional support as well as light household tasks such as cooking and cleaning small spaces so that you can feel fully available to connect with and bond with your baby.


Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

60 Min $200

In the context of birth and postpartum, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is essential for preparation and recovery. This service helps prepare the body for birth by strengthening the muscles to accommodate changes, promoting alignment, and reducing the risk of tearing. It helps the body recover from birth by re-aligning the body, re-training strength, potentially healing any scar tissue. 

To Book a Birth or Postpartum Service
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