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Your body is more than just your body...

It is a portal to deeper self knowing...

A felt experience that alters your reality...

A direct, two-way connection between Your Soul and Mother Earth / The Divine.

In This Workshop:

We take the classic body scan exercise and go deeper...

🌊 You will use your hands to feel your tissues. 


🌊 Activate your breath to stay anchored.

🌊 Dialogue with your Emotional & Energetic Bodies


🌊 Create safety in your body to feel.


🌊 Connect with your truth and witness it objectively.

🌊 Meet yourself with love NOT trying to change anything.

🌊 Leave with a practice that you can use on your own and will continue to evolve with you.

Your Body Remembers.

Any truth or emotion that you don't express gets stored in your tissues.

Taking time to witness the truth of your body creates room for your authentic expression to come through.

Body Scan
Body Scan
Oct 02, 2022, 5:00 PM
Online Via Zoom
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